Billionaire Siren – Episode Two – Gia (Audio)

Mermaid Gia Acquaviva reveals a sinister plan to her famous lover.

About the Story

Discover a gripping dark fantasy thriller infused with tantalizing elements of glamour, sensuality, and mermaid mythology.

Immerse yourself in the darkly seductive world of Gia Acquaviva, a wealthy Venetian mogul with a global empire of VIPs clubs and casinos. This enigmatic woman conceals a chilling secret – an underwater graveyard where she keeps the bones of her former lovers. 

Unravel the mysteries of her sinister origins, descending from the legendary sirens of ancient Greek mythology, as she masterfully conceals her mermaid identity and her serial killer tendencies.

Forget the Little Mermaid of your childhood – Gia is out for blood.

How Many Episodes Is Billionaire Siren?

There are more than 300 episodes of Billionaire Siren. New episodes are uploaded several times per week.


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